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Junior Elite 75 Report: 7th Grade Point Guards

March 25th, 2014

God West had it going from the point guard spot at the NE Junior Elite 75



New England Junior Elite 75 Report

7th Grade Point Guard Standouts

God West - Whether it's attacking off the bounce, defending the basketball, or directing traffic for his squad on either end, West is a point guard who is not afraid to let you know he's calling the shots. Add this characteristic to his talent and athleticism from the point and you have a player who will have a lot of eyes pointed his way this spring and in the future as a whole.

Tyler Kolek - One of the most confident and smartest back-court players at the event, Kolek has excellent court vision in the open-floor and hits teammates at difficult angles in stride for buckets at the dish. The demonstrative floor-leader also is among the premier three-point shooters in the age group with his venomous southpaw shooting stroke.

Tyshaun Lopes - Talented guard with a case of the quicks and a tight handle - puts defenders on skates off the dribble-drive with his ability to shake you up Scored the ball and distributed at the Elite 75 after breaking down the defense.

Kyle Butler - With his quickness, handle, and decision making ability, Butler is a pass-first floor general who is also a threat to score the ball from multiple levels. With his skills and his identity as a player who raises the level of his teammates play, no telling how high Butler will be able to take his game down the road.

Keith Ridley Jr. - Talented point guard who really understands how to use the weapons around him while also using himself as a weapon with dangerous shooting stroke from the outside. Great feel for the game.

Ben Silvia - One of the breakout performers at his position, Silvia is triple-threat guard who can beat you in multiple ways as he'll knock down shots from the perimeter, lead the break, and break down the defense by beating his man off the dribble to score the ball in the lane or drop a dime to a teammate.

Darius Ervin - Plays the point guard spot with toughness, aggressiveness, smarts, and skill. Distributes and scores the ball in multiple ways and leads an efficient fast break with the wheels he possesses with the ball in his hands. Lot to like about this New York City point guard going forward.

Jadyn Grant - Fire-plug guard with athletic-burst which he uses to create space between himself and the defense as he attacks with the dribble to get to the basket or drop off a pass to a teammate. Uses his speed to push the ball in transition and does a good job of defending the opposing ball-handler.

Marcus Peterson - After an impressive debut last year at the 2013 Junior Elite 75, Peterson returned a year later having grown and become stronger and more athletic as he went to work from the point guard spot throughout the session, breaking down the defense off the bounce before scoring the ball himself, dishing to a teamamte, or kicking to a shooter re-locating along the arc. Also looked good defending the ball and leading the fast break.

Trent Washington - Has well-rounded ability from the point guard spot as he takes good care of the rock, leads an efficient fast break, facilitates for and distributes to teammates, will score the ball when the opportunity presents itself, and captains his squad on both sides of the ball. Nice player who gets better as his teammates do.

Kyle Bennett - Continues to develop his back-court skills and develop his ability to play both the point and slide over to the off-guard spot. His team-first attitude and versatility in the back-court, along with his ability to distribute and knock down the open perimeter shot, make him a valuable commodity and a player with a lot of potential as he grows and gets stronger and is able to play through contact more effectively.

Mathias Tankersley - Scatter-back point guard with good quickness who is very effective in playing low to the ground to disrupt opposing guards on both sides of the ball. Nice offensive skill-set and a lot of potential as he grows and develops.

Robert Baum - Has good size and speed and is able to see and pass over the defense like a quarterback while advancing the basketball up the floor. Baum is very versatile as a floor general as he will also rebound and defend in addition to his duties with the basketball in his hands. Scored the ball in multiple ways and dropped dimes at the 75.

Cade Thompson - High-IQ point guard from New Hampshire who has a nice skill-set and a crisp feel for the game. Scores the ball from multiple levels and gets the ball to his teammates in their favorite spots.

Mitchell Monette - Has nice size at the point and plays a change-of-pace game which keeps the defense off-balance and frees up his teammates. Strong fundamental base and a succinct feel for the game.

JoJo Yi-Pellegrino - Skilled guard with a nice feel for the game and a bright-future as he grows and gets stronger. Has the tools to develop into a floor general who can score it and faciliatate as well as carry out the typical point guard duties.

Emajae Brown - Overzied guard with a strong-safety type frame. Athletic and hardnosed, Brown will knock down shots from long-range and get out on the break to fill the lanes or lead the break.

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